Density 15.1  (2010) for tenor saxophone - 3'

-written for Matthew Levy

-Premiered Symphony Space, NYC June 2010

Program Notes

Density 15.1 was written for the PRISM quartet’s program, “Dave.” I loved the idea to have a program all of composers named “Dave,” and I am thrilled to join my fellow Daves in offering our music to other Daves and non-Daves alike.

Inspired by “Density 21.5″ of Edgar Varése, Density 15.1 is so named because it is the combined density of copper and zinc, the two metals that combine to form the brass that combines to form a saxophone. The work makes use of some of the same musical materials as Varése’s work, and also plays off of the word “density,” to explore variations in texture, volume, and speed.