Josquin Microludes

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Josquin Microludes

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Josquin Microludes  (2012) for saxophone quartet - 11'

-SATB saxophones
-Commissioned by the PRISM quartet
-Premiered May 2012 in New York City   

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Program Listing

Josquin Microludes (2012)
I. Milles regetz de vous abandonner... 
II. et d'eslonger vostre fache amoureuse
III. jay si grand dueil et paine doloureuse... 
IV. quon me verra brief mes jours definer... 
V. ...brief mes jours definer... 

Program Notes

I am often inspired by great music of the past, and much of my composing these days involves taking the clay from an older piece and reworking it into my own new musical sculpture. “Josquin Microludes” is a set of miniatures that incorporates Josquin’s “Mille Regretz” into its musical language. Each miniature features this famous “chanson” framed by some variation or transmutation of it. The piece is played continuously, as if channel surfing between ancient music and contemporary sounds. I thought the medium of the saxophone quartet would be fitting for this project that is based on a choral work, as it is its own choir of voices, sustained by breath and line.

Josquin Microludes was written for the PRISM Quartet.


...a fusion of the thematic material from "Mille Regretz" with contemporary colors and harmonies. The opening tone clusters in the first two movements created a paradoxically gorgeous white noise, the compact intervals and dynamic fluctuations never deterring the ensemble as they maintained a meditative atmosphere throughout. In the third movement, Lydian flourishes...coalesced into a breathtaking wall of sound before briefly resolving into a nostalgic rendition of the Josquin theme. – CVNC Online Journal