Everyone will give you the advice that if you're going to start a blog, better to write a paragraph here and there than to only write big entries a couple of times a year... I've fallen into that trap, starting this article and that, and then getting pulled away...and as every piece from the 1960s reminds us, Tempus fugit!


It was a whirlwind of a summer–I figured I taught over 100 lessons between all of the festivals I attended in the US and Europe. This is one of my favorite things--to meet young composers and see what they're writing... But I've also learned to give up on getting meaningful work done while traveling. I mean, it's possible–but more like running with barbells taped to your hands and feet. I have one colleague who just stopped traveling for a year to get work done. I also learned that John Cage made every effort to be at every performance of his music. I suppose the "answer" is--as it is in pretty much everything--the answer is balance.

Right now I'm working hard on a new piece for the Morgenstern piano trio called "Spiral Galaxy." I'm sure the Crumb movement got in my mind, but with my geeky astronomy obsession and the constant news of discovery in my various feeds, this is my prompt. And the Morgensterns are phenomenal.

Leaving soon with Bella for performances with the Quad City and Rogue Valley Symphonies of my violin concerto. Then off to Shanghai to be a guest lecturer at the University of Science and Technology and host some concerts with my music and master classes. Last time I was there I didn't try quite enough soup dumplings, so I'll be endeavoring to rectify that situation this time.


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